fatty, phone, and soft taco

in this photo, the huge, morbidly obese SSBBW Candy Godiva wants to tear into her hot soft taco, but she is distracted by something going on with her phone!  Watch that big huge belly take on it’s sexy round shape, acting almost as a third breast when it comes to […]

ssbbw food and phone

ssbbw Candy Godiva fingers her huge belly navel

finger in her ssbbw huge belly navel

Watch as SSBBW Candy Godiva flirts and teases her cameraman/fat admirer until he’s crazy with desire!  SSBBW knows that every SSBBW fat admirer loves the sight of her giant round belly!  Candy Godiva even knows how it almost resembles a third breast because of it’s magnificent roundness and feminine sex […]

topless to show all 3 breasts

This huge ssbbw has the equivalent of three big round sexy breasts because her huge, giant, round, ssbbw belly hangs down and almost presents itself as if it’s a third breast.  As taboo as it is for a big woman to walk around in public with her big huge sexy […]

big round hanging ssbbw belly acts as third breast in topless photo